How to setup my account?

Goto Preferences > Account > License Key:
Paste the license you received and click activate.

Why is it not recording?

  • Live URL may not valid, you can see the example URL in the Sites page.
  • Some sites may need custom configs like auth, please check the Sites page for details.
  • Still has problems? Follow these steps:
    1. Using the Snapshot feature and taking a screenshot.
    2. Describe the problem, you can attach relevant screenshots or videos.
    3. Send an email to image

What does the Parser option do?

There are two stream types: hls and flv. Normally auto parser would select the stream type for you. But if you want to do the selection yourself, you can choose what you want. Here are the detailed introductions:

  • auto: default parser
  • flv: native flv parser
  • hls: native hls parser
  • hls_backup: third-party hls parser
  • ytdlp: third-party parser, support 1000+ sites by ytdlp
  1. Open Developer Tools: In the page where you want to get the cookie, press F12 or Ctrl+shift+I or follow the steps below to open Developer Tools.
  2. Locate the console in the toolbar and enter the following code in the console:
  3. The output is the cookie value.